Thijs van der Lee is an Amsterdam based creative and entrepreneur, currently working for advertising agency NATWERK in Amsterdam.

He creates strong campaigns for well-known brands and brings them to life through various online / offline media.

Coming from a background in creative entrepreneurship, Thijs has a 360 degree approach to campaign concepts. He believes that a creative's work does not simply end with concept delivery but can only succeed when each following process (such as production, edit, client review), is executed with the same, detailed vision. Delivering both concept and leading the process start-to-finish embodies his work and vision.

After founding brand activation agency Kwartvoorhalf in 2011, he partnered up with International agency Allenby Concept House (New York / Tel Aviv) in 2015. As managing partner he set up and ran the operations of the Amsterdam branch. In 2018, after years of running the day to day business of his agencies , Thijs decided to fully focus on the creative process again. For him this meant creating strong start-to-finish concepts for beautiful brands.

Later in 2018, While working with NATWERK as head creative for Desperados (part of the Heineken brand), he and the agency fell in love and until this day they have something special going on. 

Thijs van der Lee draws his inspiration from personal experience, such as living in New York and Berlin, and everything unique and bold in cinematic art, international brands and music video's. He aims to connect big ideas with the local trends and target audience.
 His work ranges from TV commercials, online videos, brand activation, social media campaigns, branded content, music videos and fully integrated campaigns for industry leaders and local brands.